Effect of Processing Variables on the Texture of Ni Substrate for YBCO Coated Conductor

YBCO 박막선재용 Ni 기판의 집합도에 미치는 제조공정 변수효과

  • 지봉기 (성균관대학교 금속재료공학부) ;
  • 임준형 (성균관대학교 금속재료공학부) ;
  • 이동욱 (성균관대학교 금속재료공학부) ;
  • 주진호 (성균관대학교 금속재료공학부) ;
  • 나완수 (성균관대학교 정보통신공학부) ;
  • 김찬중 (한국원자력연구소 원자력재료기술개발부) ;
  • 홍계원 (한국산업기술대학교 에너지대학원)
  • Published : 2003.10.01


We fabricated Ni-substrate for YBCO coated conductors and evaluated the effects of pressing and annealing temperature and time on texture. Ni substrate was fabricated by powder metallurgy technique and compacts were prepared by applying uniaxial or isostatic pressure. The texture of substrate made by applying cold isostatic pressure (CIP) was stronger than that by uniaxial pressure which we attribute to the fact that the CIP method provided higher density and more uniform density distribution. It was observed that the substrate annealed at 400 C showed both retained texture and recrystallized texture. On the other hand, the texture of substrate significantly improved at annealing temperature above 500 C, forming strong 4-fold symmetry, [111] II ND texture, and FWHM of 9∼10 . It is to be noted that the degree of texture was almost independent of annealing temperature (500∼1000 C) and annealing time(1∼54 min, at 1000 C). EBSD and AFM analysis indicated that 99% of grain boundaries was low angle grain boundary and RMS was approximately 3 nm, respectively. Development of strong cube texture and high fraction of low angle grain boundary of Ni-substrate made by powder metallurgy technique in our study is considered to be suitable for the application of YBCO coated conductors.


Ni-substrate;Pale-figure;Powder metallurgy technique;Texture


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