Analysis of the Electromagnetic Phenomena in Vacuum Interrupter with Axial Magnetic Field Type

축자계형 진공인터럽터의 전자계 현상 해석

  • 하성철 (동국대학교 전기공학과) ;
  • 서상현 (동국대학교 전기공학과)
  • Published : 2003.10.01


The purpose of this paper is analyses about in 12kV/50kA vacuum interrupter with an axial magnetic field type electrode system through the studies of electromagnetic phenomena. Vacuum interrupter is important in electric safety part. In this paper, we performed analysis of electric field, magnetic field, current density in AMF electrode using the Maxwell 3D simulation. The current distribution and magnetic field in simple models are analyzed to verify its efficiency and accuracy. In addition the validity of FEM is confirmed by performing the analyses of distribution in current density and magnetic flux density.




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