Three Dimensional Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Nano-Lithography Process for Fabrication of Nanocomponents in Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) Applications

MEMS 부품 제조를 위한 나노 리소그래피 공정의 3차원 분자동력학 해석

  • Published : 2003.10.01


The atomic force microscopy (AFM) based lithographic technique has been used directly to machine material surface and fabricate nano components in MEMS (micro electro mechanical system). In this paper, three-dimensional molecular dynamics (MD) simulations have been conducted to evaluate the characteristic of deformation process at atomistic scale for nano-lithography process. Effects of specific combinations of crystal orientations and cutting directions on the nature of atomistic deformation were investigated. The interatomic force between diamond tool and workpiece of copper material was assumed to be derived from the Morse potential function. The variation of tool geometry and cutting depth was also evaluated and the effect on machinability was investigated. The result of the simulation shows that crystal plane and cutting direction significantly influenced the variation of the cutting forces and the nature of deformation ahead of the tool as well as the surface deformation of the machined surface.


Micro electro Mechanical System, MEMS;Molecular Dynamics Simulation;Nano-Lithography;Morse Potential


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