Ultrasonic Velocity and Absorption Measurements for Polyacrylamide and Water Solutions

  • Bae, Jong-Rim (Department of Physics, Taegu University) ;
  • Kim, Jeong-Koo (Department of Medical Ultrasonics, Hanseo University) ;
  • Yi, Meyung-Ha (Department of Ophthalmic, Seoul Health Junior College)
  • Published : 2003.12.01


Both ultrasonic velocity at 3 MHz and absorption coefficient for the frequency range of 0.2-2 MHz were measured in an aqueous solution of polyacrylamide for the concentration range of 0.5% to 2.5% by weight. Pulse echo overlap method was taken for measuring the ultrasonic velocity over the temperature range of 10-90℃ and the high-Q ultrasonic resonator method was used for the absorption coefficient at 30℃. The velocity exhibited a maximum value at approximately 70℃, 71℃, 72℃, 73℃ and 74℃ in 2.5%, 2.0%, 1.5%, 1.0%, and 0.5% solutions, respectively. The velocity increased with the concentration at a given temperature. The ultrasonic absorption (a/f²) at a given temperature increased linearly with the concentration for the concentration below 1.5%, but suddenly increased for the concentration above 1.5% concentration. The value of a/f² at 1MHz was entirely due to the classical Stoke's viscous effect. The ultrasonic relaxation in polyacrylamide aqueous solutions, which may be the result of structural fluctuations of polymer molecules such as the segmental motion of the polymer chains, was observed, and at 2.5%, the value of a/f² was found to suddenly increase as frequency decreased.


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