Fabrication of a Hydrogenated a-Si Photodiode

  • Hur, Chang-Wu (Department of Information Technology Engineering, Mokwon University)
  • Published : 2003.03.01


A photodiode capable of obtaining a sufficient photo/dark current ratio at both a forward bias state and a reverse bias state is proposed. The photodiode includes a glass substrate, an aluminum film formed as a lower electrode over the glass substrate, an alumina film formed as a schottky barrier over the aluminum film, a hydrogenated amorphous silicon film formed as a photo conduction layer over a portion of the alumina film, and a transparent conduction film formed as an upper electrode over the hydro-generated amorphous silicon film. Growth of high quality alumina($Al_{2}O_{3}$) film using anodizing technology is proposed and analyzed by experiment. We have obtained the film with a superior characteristics


hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon Film;Photodiode


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