A Study on the Fractal Attractor Creation and Analysis of the Printed Korean Characters

  • Shon, Young-Woo (Dept. of Computer Science, Kimpo College)
  • Published : 2003.03.01


Chaos theory is a study researching the irregular, unpredictable behavior of deterministic and non-linear dynamical system. The interpretation using Chaos makes us evaluate characteristic existing in status space of system by tine series, so that the extraction of Chaos characteristic understanding and those characteristics enables us to do high precision interpretation. Therefore, This paper propose the new method which is adopted in extracting character features and recognizing characters using the Chaos Theory. Firstly, it gets features of mesh feature, projection feature and cross distance feature from input character images. And their feature is converted into time series data. Then using the modified Henon system suggested in this paper, it gets last features of character image after calculating Box-counting dimension, Natural Measure, information bit and information dimension which are meant fractal dimension. Finally, character recognition is performed by statistically finding out the each information bit showing the minimum difference against the normalized pattern database. An experimental result shows 99% character classification rates for 2,350 Korean characters (Hangul) using proposed method in this paper.


Printed Korean characters recognition;Pattern Recognition;Image processing;Chaos Theory;Strange Attractor;Fractal Dimension;features extracting


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