Adsorption Characteristics by Synthesized Goethite in the Mixed Solution Systems of Phosphate, Sulfate, and Copper Ions

합성 Goethite에 의한 인산이온, 황산이온 및 구리이온의 혼합용액에서의 흡착특성

  • Published : 2003.10.01


Adsorption on goethite of individual component from a solution containing phosphate, sulfate, or copper ion was investigated. Competitive adsorption in the binary and ternary solution systems composed of phosphate, sulfate, and copper ions was also investigated. In competitive adsorption systems with phosphate and sulfate ions, the presence of phosphate ion reduced the adsorption of sulfate ion largely. On the other hand, the presence of sulfate ion caused only a small decrease in phosphate adsorption. This result suggests that phosphate ion is a stronger competitor for adsorption on goethite than sulfate ion, which is consistent with the higher affinity of phosphate for the surface compared to sulfate ion. Compared to the results from single-sorbate systems, adsorption of copper ion in the binary system of sulfate ion and copper ion was found to be enhanced in the presence of sulfate ion. Addition of sulfate ion to the binary system of copper ion and phosphate ion resulted in a small enhancement in copper sorption. This result implies that the presence of sulfate ion promotes adsorption of the ternary complex FeOHCuSO$_4$. The adsorption isotherms could be well described by the Langmuir adsorption equation.


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