A Statistical Study of CMP Process in Various Scales

CMP 프로세스의 통계적인 다규모 모델링 연구

  • 석종원
  • Published : 2003.12.01


A physics-based material removal model in various scales is described and a feature scale simulation for a chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) process is performed in this work. Three different scales are considered in this model, i.e., abrasive particle scale, asperity scale and wafer scale. The abrasive particle and the asperity scales are combined together and then homogenized to result in force balance conditions to be satisfied in the wafer scale using an extended Greenwood-Williamson and Whitehouse-Archard statistical model that takes into consideration the joint distribution of asperity heights and asperity tip radii. The final computation is made to evaluate the material removal rate in wafer scale and a computer simulation is performed for detailed surface profile variations on a representative feature. The results show the dependence of the material removal rate on the joint distribution, applied external pressure, relative velocity, and other operating conditions and design parameters.


CMP;Modeling in Various Scales;Material Removal Model;Joint Probability Distribution Function


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