A Study on the Characteristics and Utility of Oriental Calligraphy Technique

동양적 캘리그라피 기법의 특성과 활용에 관한 연구

  • 김병옥 (동해대학교 시각디자인학과)
  • Published : 2003.11.01


Nowadays calligraphy technique is widely utilized in diverse areas throughout the world. It is adopted in the visual environment of modern people comprehending from graphic design areas such as advertisement, package, symbol marks, logotypes, and movie posters to modern abstract paintings. It is because its dynamic and suggestive power of expression as symbolic and kinetic representation has been appreciated anew. In response to modern people's aversion from the mechanical and artificial digital environment as well as from the uniform, official, and modernistic trend, calligraphy technique is attracting people's attention as a new expressive style with oriental mysticism and emotional intimacy. Therefore, this study aims at illuminating the history of calligraphy, understanding its characteristics, searching for the expanded value of modern paintings and graphic designs, and ultimately contributing to the propagation of visual languages and expressive styles. In addition, this study attempted to establish the concept of Calli-Illust, which combines oriental painting techniques and materials and calligraphy techniques, and to explore for its potential uses in order to expand the area of illustration. According to the results of this study, calligraphy technique is a painting style of abstract expressionism, contributing to the expansion of the territory of a new formative area. Furthermore, this study proved that it is necessary to develop new expressive styles to overcome the limitation of design styles based on western rational, logical, and geometric functionalism, which have been received uncritically in the design environment of diversity. What is more, the concept and definition of calli-illust, which has been understood as a part of the concept of calligraphy so far, were clarified Research on calli-illust is just in its beginning stage. The present researcher expects that deeper and more extensive studies will be carried out in the future, so that calli-illust can be applied to communication design in various ways.