Adhesion Property of Cu on Low-k : Ti Glue Layer, Boron Dopant, N2plasma effects

Ti glue layer, Boron dopant, N2plasma 처리들이 Cu와 low-k 접착력에 미치는 효과

  • Lee, Seob (School of Advanced Materials Engineering, Kookmin University) ;
  • Lee, Jae-gab (School of Advanced Materials Engineering, Kookmin University)
  • 이섭 (국민대학교 신소재공학부) ;
  • 이재갑 (국민대학교 신소재공학부)
  • Published : 2003.05.01


Adhesion between Cu and low-k films has been investigated. Low-k films deposited using a mixture of hexamethyldisilane(HMDS) and Para-xylene had a dielectric constant as low as 2.7, showing the thermally stable properties up to $400^{\circ}C$. In this study, Ti glue layer, boron dopant, and $N_2$plasma treatment were used to improve adhesion property of between Cu and low-k films. Ti glue layer slightly improved adhesion property. After $N_2$plasma treatment, the adhesion property was significantly improved due to the increased roughness and the formation of new binding states between Ti and plasma-treated PPpX : HMDS. However, $300^{\circ}C$ annealing of $N_2$plasma treated sample caused the diffusion of Cu into the PPpX : HMDS, degrading the low-k properties. In the case of Cu(B)/Ti/PPpX : HMDS, the adhesion was remarkably increased. This enhanced adhesion was attributed to formation of Ti-boride at the Cu-Ti interface. It is because the formed Ti-boride prevented the diffusion of Cu into the PPpX : HMDS and the Cu-Ti reaction at the Ti interface.


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