Studies on Some Parasites from Aquarium Rockfishes, Sebastes spp.

  • Chun, Kae-Shik (Department of Environmental Health, Yong-In University)
  • Published : 2003.12.01


The results of study of the parasites of rockfishes, Sebastes spp. collected at Oregon coast aquarium during April 6 to June 30, 2002 are presented. Six species of parasites were recovered from examination of 19 rockfishes with an incidence of infection of 42.1 %. This study investigated parasitic infestation of 7 black rock-fish, Sebastes melanops ; 3 quillback rockfish, S. maliger ; 2 yellowtail rockfish, S. flavidus ; 3 canary rockfish, S. pinniger 2 yelloweye rockfish, S. ruberrimus ; 2 tiger rockfish, S. nigrocinctus. Sebastes spp. from aquarium were found to be infested with parasites: Mycrocotyle sebastis, Megalocotyle trituba, Clavella uncinata, Anisakis simplex larvae, Contracaecum sp. larvae, Pseudoterranova decipiens larvae. Prevalence and mean intensity of rockfishes were infected respectively as follows: 21.1%, 4.0 of M. sebastis, 10.5%, 55.5 of M. trituba, 21.1%, 34.3 of A. simplex larvae, 10.5%, 15.0 of Contracaecum sp. larvae, 10.5%, 8.5 of Pseudoterranova decipiens larvae and 10.5%, 5.0 of Clavella uncinata. This study reveled that gills and gastrointestinal tracts of S. pinniger were heavily infested with M. trituba and A. simplex larvae.


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