Study on Characterization of Deposition Flux of Dustfall in Kunsan, Korea

  • Kim, Seong-Cheon (School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Kunsan National University)
  • Published : 2003.12.01


The purpose of this experimental study is to investigate seasonal deposition flux variations of the total dustfall and various inorganic elements in it. Total of 84 dustfall samples were collected from September, 1997 thru August, 1998 at 7 different sites in Kunsan. Each sample was analyzed by an AAS to determine the levels of 5 inorganic elements; Zn, Cd, Cr, Fe and Pb. Deposition fluxes, soluble/total fractions for each element were extensively investigated. Estimated deposition fluxes of dustfall and elements in Kunsan were in the range of 37.5∼45.1 ton/$\textrm{km}^2$/yr for dustfall, 43.5∼81.8 kg/$\textrm{km}^2$/yr for Zn, 6.6∼11.0 kg/$\textrm{km}^2$/yr for Cd, 44.8∼110.0 kg/$\textrm{km}^2$/yr for Cr, 223∼323 kg/$\textrm{km}^2$/yr for Fe, 10.9∼22.3 kg/$\textrm{km}^2$/yr for Pb, respectively. Thus, the estimated average total deposition fluxes of dustfall in Kunsan(376.35 $\textrm{km}^2$) per day were 43.3 ton and 58.6 kg for Zn, 8.9 kg for Cd, 80.6 kg for Cr, 293.8 kg for Fe and 14.1 kg for Pb, respectively.


deposition flux;dustfall;inorganic element;soluble/total fraction;AAS


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