Infectious Status on Monogenetic Trematodes of Sebastes spp. (Family : Scorpaenidae) Including Microcotyle sebastis, Megalocotyle trituba an Trochopus australis in Newport Fish Market

  • Chun, Kae-Shik (Department of Environmental Health, Yongin University)
  • Published : 2003.12.01


Nine (34.6%) of the 26 rockfishes taken from Newport fish market, Oregon in July 2003 had a total of 135 monogenetic trematodes attached the gills. Microcotyle sebastis, Megalocotyle trituba and Trochopus australis were encountered, occurring in rockfishes examined. In the monogenetic trematodes in Sebastes spp, the prevalence were found to be between 30.8 and 40.0%. Prevalence of M. sebastis was 37.5%, 40.0% on M. trituba and 30.8% on T. australis. Nine of Sebastes spp. were infected with one or two species of monogenetic trematodes. Intensities of infection for M. sebastis, M. trituba and T. australis were recorded as 2.0 (2-12), 22.0 (48-62) and 1.0 (1-3), respectively. It may be that the intensities of infection for M. trituba should be high, and M. sebastis and T. australis little low.


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