Failure Analysis on the Equipment of PCS common-repeater at the Metropolitan Subway

수도권 지하철내 PCS 공용중계기 장비장애 분석

  • 신지윤 (목원대학교 정보통신 전파학부) ;
  • 박덕규 (목원대학교 정보통신 전파학부)
  • Published : 2003.06.01


The Minisoy of Information and Communication(MIC) requires telecompanys to share base stations in order to prevent the duplicated investment and environmental destruction which would be caused by the indiscreet construction of basestations for enlarging their own service area among telecompanys. This paper discusses' the problems of mobile communication services that have been generated in common-repeater at the Metropolitan subway. These problem include factors of power obstacles, communication equipment and establishment obstacles. The content of this paper is helpful in organizing the basestation sharing of IMT-2000 and the 4th generation mobile system, and provides the basics of a higher quality service for common-service communication.


Common-Repeater;Subway;Equipment;HUB;Cable Booster