High $T_c$ Superconductor Applications and Thick Film Preparation

  • Soh, Dea-Wha (Department of Electronic Engineering, Myongji University) ;
  • Zhanguo Fan (School of Materials Science and Metallurgy, Northeastern University)
  • Published : 2003.06.01


High $T_c$ superconducting lines will be applied as key materials in the areas of power transmission line; magnetic levitation of vehicle; magnetic separation; magnetic energy storage and marine propulsion. A combination method of electrophoresis deposition and zone-melting for preparation of YBaCuO tape is proposed. The submicron particle powder of YBaCuO made by sol-gel method is used in the electrophoresis process. A 40∼50 ${\mu}\textrm{m}$ thickness of YBaCuO film on Ag plate could be deposited in about three minutes. After deposition the film is rolled and heat treated in order to increase the density and the adhesion of the film to the Ag plate. Silver(Ag) and lead oxide(PbO) were added in the YBaCuO powder in order to reduce its melting point. The YBaCuO coating with controlled Ag and PbO contents was preliminarily zone-melted at about $945^{\circ}C$.


Electrophoresis;Zone-melting;YBaCuO;Thick film;Applications


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