3D Object Picking in Web-based Design System

  • Kim, Dong-Hyun (Department of Computer Information, Suncheon Cheong-am College) ;
  • Yun, Bo-Yeul (Suncheon Maesan High Schoo) ;
  • Kim, Eung-Kon (Department of Computer Science, Sunchon University)
  • Published : 2003.06.01


We are able to work on the shared virtual space in Web-based Collaborative Design System using only Internet and Web browser. Then the users will share 3D objects and must be able to pick the objects effectively which they want to manipulate. In this paper, picking is implemented not only by computing intersection of mouse pointer with the objects of the virtual world, but also by using capabilities and attributes of scene graph node, by setting bounds intersection testing instead of geometric intersection testing, by limiting the scope of the pick testing, using Java 3D. These methods can reduce the computation of picking and can pick 3D objects effectively and easily using the system of hierarchy.


Computer Graphics;3D modeling;Solid modeler;Picking


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