A Study on Web Document's Efficient Browsing

  • Kim, Dong-Hyun (Department of Computer Information, Suncheon Cheong-am College) ;
  • Song, Seung-Heon (Graduate School of Computer Science, Sunchon Universit) ;
  • Kim, Eung-Kon (Department of Computer Science, Sunchon University)
  • Published : 2003.06.01


Most document consists of primary content and supporting material, such as footnotes, detailed explanations, and illustrations, and the related supporting materials are linked as hypertext on web document. However, the content of hypertext links is appeared in the new windows on present web browser. Then the user will leave the primary material, may lose the entire context, and must have some difficulties to return to the primary context when the interest disappears. Using the technique for fluid links, we can solve these problems easily. If the mouse is putted on the link, the related material is presented in between lines or at margin maintaining the context of primary material. In this paper, we introduce the various browsing techniques using fluid links, analyze the forms and the features, and then we propose the way to implement in Java.


Web document;Fluid link;Hypertext;Java Language;Computer Graphics


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