The Integrity Evaluation of weld zone in railway rails Using Neural Network

신경회로망을 이용한 철도레일 용접부의 건전성평가

  • 윤인식 (경기공업대학 메카트로닉스과) ;
  • 임미섭 (경기공업대학 메카트로닉스과)
  • Published : 2003.06.01


This study proposes the neural network simulator for the integrity evaluation of weld zone in railway rails. For these purposes, the ultrasonic signals for defects(crack) of weld zone in frames are acquired in the type of time series data and echo strength. The detection of the natural defects in railway truck is performed using the characteristics of echodynamic pattern in ultrasonic signal. And then their applications evaluated feature extraction based on the time-frequency-attractor domain(peak to peak, rise time, rise slope, fall time, fall slope, pulse duration, power spectrum, and bandwidth) and attractor characteristics (fractal dimension and attractor quadrant) etc. The constructed neural network simulator agrees fairly well with the measured results of test block(defect location, beam propagation distance, echo strength, etc). The Proposed neural network simulator in this study can be used for the integrity evaluation of weld zone in railway rails.


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