A Simplified Numerical Model for an Integral Abutment Bridge Considering the Restraining Effects Due to Backfill

Hong, Jung-Hee;Jung, Jae-Ho;You, Sung-Kun;Yoon, Soon-Jong

  • 발행 : 2003.10.01


This paper presents the simplified but more rational analysis method for the prediction of additional internal forces induced in integral abutment bridges. These internal forces depend upon the degree of restraint provided tc the deck by the backfill soil adjacent to the abutments and piles. In addition, effect of the relative flexural stiffness ratio among pile foundations, abutment, and superstructure on the structural behavior is also an important factor. The first part of the paper develops the stiffness matrices, written in terms of the soil stiffness, for the lateral and rotational restraints provided by the backfill soil adjacent to the abutment. The finite difference analysis is conducted and it is confirmed that the results are agreed well with the predictions obtained by the proposed method. The simplified spring model is used in the parametric study on the behavior of simple span and multi-span continuous integral abutment PSC beam bridges in which the abutment height and the flexural rigidity of piles are varied. These results are compared with those obtained by loading Rankine passive earth pressure according to the conventional method. From the results of parametric study, it was shown that the abutment height, the relative flexural rigidity of superstructure and piles, and the earth pressure induced by temperature change greatly affect the overall structural response of the bridge system. It may be possible to obtain more rational and economical designs for integral abutment bridges by the proposed method.


integral abutment PSC beam bridge;thermal expansion;earth pressure;soil-structure interaction;finite difference analysis


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