A Study on HAUSAT-1 Satellite Fault-Tolerant System Architecture Design

Kim, Young-Hyun;Chang, Young-Keun

  • 발행 : 2003.11.30


A next generation small satellite HAUSAT-1, the first picosatellite developed in Korea, is being developed as one of the international CubeSat program by Space System Research Lab. of Hankuk Aviation University. A fault-tolerant incremental design methodology has been addressed in this paper. In this study, the effect of system redundancy on reliability was in details analyzed in accordance with the implementation of fault-tolerant system. Four different system recovery levels are proposed for HAUSAT-1 fault-tolerant system optimization. As a result, the HAUSAT-1 fault-tolerant system architecture design and reliability analysis has acquired about 11% reliability improvement.


Fault-Tolerant Architecture;Redundancy;HAUSAT-1;Reliability Block Diagram (RBD)


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