Study for the Information Operations for Long Unattended Periods of Time at the Space System

  • Published : 2003.11.30


The space systems are being operated in a uncertain space environment and are desired to have autonomous capability for long periods of time without frequent telecommunications with the ground station. At the same time, requirements for new set of satellite system set of projects/systems calling for "autonomous" operations for long unattended periods of time are emerging. Since, by the nature of space systems, it is desired to perform its mission flawlessly and also it is of extreme importance to have fault-tolerant sensors and actuators for the purpose of validating science measurement data for the mission success. This studies focused on the identification/demonstration of critical technology innovations that will be applied to the Validation Control System.


Spacecraft Monitoring Validation Control System(SMVCS);High Fidelity Dynamic Model-based Simulation(HFDMS);Electro-Mechanical Solenoid Valve (EMSV);Autonomous Control System(ACS)


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