Nonlinear Aeroelastic Instability of a Supersonic Missile Wing. with Pitch Axis Freeplay

Kim, Dong-Hyun;Lee, In;Paek, Seung-Kil

  • Published : 2003.05.30


In this study, nonlinear aeroelastic characteristics of an supersonic missile wing with strong shock interferences are investigated. The missile wing model has a freeplay structural nonlinearity at its pitch axis. To practically consider the effects of freeplay structural nonlinearity, the fictitious mass method is applied to structural vibration analysis based on finite element method. Nonlinear aerodynamic flows with unsteady shock waves are also considered in supersonic flow regions. To solve the nonlinear aeroelastic governing equations including the freeplay effect, a modal-based coupled time-marching technique based on the fictitious mass method is used in the time-domain. Various aeroelastic computations have been performed for the nonlinear wing structure model. Linear and nonlinear aeroelastic analyses have been conducted and compared with each other in supersonic flow regions. Typical nonlinear limit cycle oscillations and phase plots are presented to show the complex vibration phenomena with simultaneous fluid-structure nonlinearities.


Supersonic;Freeplay;Flutter;LCO;Nonlinearity;Aeroelasticity;TSD;CSD;FEM;Fluid-Structure Interaction;Fictitious Mass Method


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