An experimental study on the impingement spray of a common-rail diesel injector (2) -atomization characteristics-

커먼레일식 디젤 인젝터의 충돌 분무에 대한 실험적 연구(2) -미립화 특성-

  • Published : 2003.09.30


In this study, experimental study on atomization characteristics of the fuel spray impinging on the wall was at different wall distances and angles of wall inclination. The fuel injection system was composed based on the common rail system. and the injection signal was synchronized by the delay generator. The atomization characteristics of the injected spray were analyzed in terms of the SMD and velocities which were measured by using the phase Doppler particle analyzer system. It is revealed that the free spray is atomized actively above 50mm form the injector tip. In the cases of the impinged spray, the 5MD and velocity of the impinged spray are smaller than those of the free spray. The impinged spray has the maximum near the 35mm of the radial distance from the injector axis, and the atomization performance is enhanced with the decrease of the wall distance.