Effect of Magnesium Oxide on Physical and Chemical Properties of FKM Elastomer

FKM Elastomer의 물리적 및 화학적 성질에 미치는 산화마그네슘의 영향

  • Published : 2003.03.31


Metal oxide(MgO) was added to FKM rubber in order to develop automotive fuel hose which ran show elastic characteristics under extreme condition. Cure characteristics, physical properties, thermal resistance and fuel resistance of FKM compounded rubber with MgO were investigated. MgO was mixed to FKM rubber materials within the range of $0{\sim}20phr$. From the test results of rheological properties and Mooney viscosity, the $t_{s2}$, $T_{c90}$ values increased as the MgO contents increased in FKM rubber compounding. Hardness and 100% modulus of FKM compounded rubber slightly increased, but tensile strength and elongations at break slightly decreased. From the test results of thermal resistance of rubber specimens at 130, 150, and $170^{\circ}C$ for 70 hrs, the changing rate of physical properties was found to be relatively small. Fuel resistance tests were carried out for fuel A, B, C and D at $40^{\circ}C$ for 70hrs, and the results showed that the changing rate in physical properties was found to increase from Fuel A to D, Furthermore thermal properties of FKM compounded rubber containing MgO were also investigated by using TGA/DSC. The optimum mixing ratio of additive to FKM rubber to get the maximum effect on thermal resistance and fuel resistance, within the range of desirable specification for rubber material, was determined to be 6 phr for MgO.


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