Preparation of Fullerene Oxides by Fullerenes[$C_{60},C_{70}$] with Several Oxidants under Ultrasonic Condition

초음파 조건에서 산화제를 이용한 풀러렌 산화물의 제조

  • Published : 2003.06.30


Synthesis of fullerene oxides by fullerenes [$C_{60},\;C_{70}$] and several oxidants such as benzoylperoxide, trichloroisocyanuric acid, methyltrioxorhenium(VII), iodosobenzene, phosphorous pentoxide take place under ultrasonic condition at room temperature. The MALDI-TOF MS,UV-visible spectra and HPLC analysis confirmed that the products of fullerenes oxidation are [$C_{60}(O)_n$], ($n=1{\sim}3$ or n=1) and [$C_{70}(O)_n$], ($n=1{\sim}2$ or n=1). As compared with the reactivity of epoxidation of fullerenes [$C_{60},\;C_{70}$], the reaction rate of $C_{70}$ was lower than that of $C_{60}$ under same reaction condition.


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