Biaxial Tensile Behaviors of Elastomeric Polymer Networks

  • Published : 2003.06.30


For the total description of mechanical behaviors of elastomers, it is necessary to know the so-called rheological constitutive equation i.e. the strain-energy density function (W) in case of elastomers, which necessitates biaxial tensile results of elastic body. This paper first describes the experimental results of biaxial tensile measurements on poly(siloxane) model networks. W was estimated from its differential form i.e. the $1^{st}$ differential of W is stress. The W was found to reproduce the experimental stress-strain results, and the W estimated for silica filled poly(siloxane) networks suggest a different behavior between conventional precipitated silica and in situ formed silica. The difference suggests the different surface property of the two silicas.



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