쇄골 간부골절의 전하방 부착 재구성 금속판을 이용한 치료

Kang, Jae-Do;Kim, Kwang-Ryul;Kim, Hyung-Chun;Lim, Moon-Sup;Kim, Seong-Hoon;Kweon, Jun-Hyung

  • 발행 : 2003.06.01


Purpose: Many different operative technique of mid-shaft clavicle fracture have been reported. The aim of this prospective study was to compare the results of anterior or anterior-inferior plating with superior plating on the acute mid-shaft fracture of clavicle Materials and Methods: From February1997 to February 2002, thirty-eight consecutive open reduction and internal fixation with reconstruction plates were performed in thirty-eight patients. from August 1999, anterior or anterior-inferior plating was mainly used, prospectively. The duration of follow-up averaged 17 months (range,23 to 43 months). The mean age was 38 years old (range,21 to 57 years old) on anterior or anterior-inferior plating group and 35 years old (range,24 to 55 years old) on superior plating group. The physician progress note, VAS patient complement score, Roentgenogram and ASES score was evaluated. Results: Four patients were lost to follow-up. There was no statistical difference on mean radiological bone union time (8.7 weeks vs. 8.6 weeks) and ASES score (92 vs 94) at inferior and superior plating groups (P > 0.05). VAS patient complement score was very good or excellent on anterior or anterior-inferior group, average score was 1.1 (ranger,0 to 2) compare with superior plating group (P < 0.05). There were two cases of infection, 1 case of failed fixation on superior plating group and 1 case of delayed union on anterior inferior plating group. Conclusion: Anterior inferior plating on acute clavicle midshaft fracture results in excellent patient complement score compare with conventional superior reconstruction plate.


Clavicle fracture;Reconstruction plate;Anterior or Anterior-Inferior Plating


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