Separation and purification of substance having matrix metalloproteinase-9 inhibition effect in Ulmus davidiana Plancn. var. japonica Nakai

유근피(楡根皮)에 존재하는 matrix metalloproteinase-9 억제 물질의 분리 및 정제

  • 한기정 (중앙대학교 자연과학대학 화학과) ;
  • 이광수 (중앙대학교 자연과학대학 화학과) ;
  • 공광훈 (중앙대학교 자연과학대학 화학과) ;
  • 조성희 (중앙대학교 자연과학대학 화학과)
  • Received : 2002.06.17
  • Accepted : 2003.05.27
  • Published : 2003.06.25


Root bark of Ulmus davidiana Plancn. var. japonica Nakai was extracted by using several solvents with different polarities. Each extract was treated on the MMPs obtained from SK-Hep-1 in order to investigate inhibition effect. Zymography of MMPs showed that MeOH extract has significant inhibition effect. On the GC-MS analysis the highest mass to charge ratio (m/z) of the purified substance was 281. Also, on zymography of MMPs the substance showed 47% inhibition effect at the concentration of $314.7{\mu}g/g$. Cell viability of SK-Hep-1 was 60% at $31.47{\mu}g/g$.



Supported by : 중앙대학교


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