A critical inquiry on the feminine ethics in nursing

간호에서의 여성적 윤리에 대한 비판적 탐구

  • Kong, Byung-Hye (department for nursing in medicine college, Chosun university)
  • 공병혜 (조선대학교 의과대학 간호학과)
  • Published : 2003.03.29


Purpose : This study was to illuminate the main characteristics and limits of the feminine ethics of care when it applies to the nursing ethics, and suggested sufficient conditions of care ethics in nursing in order to actualize the autonomy for nurses. Method : This study inquired the relationship between the ethical trait of caring in nursing and Gilligan & Noddings's moral theory as feminine ethics in relation to supporting the nursing ethics. In contrast to traditional moral theories based on universal principles, Gilligan's moral theory emphasized the conscious of the interpersonal relationship on the basis of the empathy and the responsibility for the other's need in contextual situations, and Noddings developed her ethics based on mothering as a model for the caring relation, the moral feature of which was characterized as reciprocity, receptiveness and responsiveness. Result : The feminine ethics of care came to support nursing ethics considering the nterpersonal relationship and responsibility. However, it did not show a possible ideal of nursing ethics because it has some difficulties in actualizing the nurse's individual and professional autonomy in the health care system. Conclusion : Therefore, in order that ethics of care can be an ideal and universal nursing ethics, it should be studied in proper direction, that is, toward actualization of the autonomy of the universal ethical self in relation to the concern and responsibility for the other.