Development of the DIW-$O_3$ Cleaning Technology Substituted for the Semiconductor Photoresist Strip Process using the SPM

SPM을 이용한 반도체 포토레지스트 제거 공정 대체를 위한 DIW-$O_3$ 방식 세정기술 개발

  • 손영수 (한국기계연구원 첨단산업기술연구부 기전응용그룹) ;
  • 함상용 (한국기계연구원 첨단산업기술연구부 기전응용그룹)
  • Published : 2003.12.30


Recently the utilization of the ozone dissolved de-ionized water(DIW-$O_3$) in semiconductor wet cleaning process and photoresist stripping process to replace the conventional sulfuric acid and hydro peroxide mixture(SPM) method has been studied. In this paper, we propose the water-electrode type ozone generator which has the characteristics of the high concentration and purity to produce the high concentration DIW-$O_3$ for the photoresist strip process in the semiconductor fabrication. The proposed ozone generator has the dual dielectric tube structure of silent discharge type and the water is both used to electrode and cooling water. Through this study, we obtained the results of the 10.3 wt% of ozone gas concentration at the oxygen gas of 0.5 [liter/min.] and the DIW-$O_3$ concentration of 79.5 ppm.. Through the photoresist stripping test using the produced DIW-$O_3$, we confirmed that the photoresist coated on the silicon wafer was removed effectively in the 12 minutes.