Sulfate Resistance of Cement Matrix Containing Limestone Powder



Moon Han-Young;Jung Ho-Seop;Lee Seung-Tae;Kim Jong-Pil

  • 발행 : 2004.06.01


In order to improve the performance of concrete, generally, modern cements often incorporate several mineral admixtures. In this study, the experimental included the flow value, air content of mortar containing limestone powder and length change and compressive strength of mortar specimen immersed in sulfate solutions. From the experimental results, the limestone powder cement matrices improved the physical properties and sulfate resistance of cement matrices at $10\%$ replacement ratio of limestone powder. The $30\%$ replacement ratio of limestone powder was significantly deteriorated in sodium sulfate solution. Irrespective of fineness levels of limestone powder, length change and SDF of mortar specimens with only $10\%$ replacement was much superior to the other replacements.


limestone powder;sulfate attack;length change;strength deterioration factor(SDF)


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