Droplet size measurement using image processing method

이미지프로세싱 기법을 이용한 액적크기 측정

  • 임병직 (서울대학교 기계항공공학부) ;
  • 정기훈 (서울대학교 기계항공공학부) ;
  • 길태옥 (서울대학교 기계항공공학부) ;
  • 윤영빈 (서울대학교 기계항공공학부)
  • Published : 2004.08.01


Droplet size is one of the most important parameter which controls the performance of the combustion system using liquid fuel or oxidizer. Droplet formation and its size are mainly affected by the injection velocity and ambient gas density. Recently, droplet size measurement was conducted by PDPA or Malvern particle analyzer using laser light. But at this paper image processing method was developed to measure droplet size. And its validation was investigated with reticle.