Amperometric Electronic Tongue Based on Metal Oxide Containing Carbon Paste Electrode Array

금속 산화물을 포함한 탄소반죽 전극 어레이로 제작한 전자 혀

  • Han Jong Ho (Department of Chemistry, Kwangwoon University) ;
  • Kim Dong Sun (Department of Chemistry, Kwangwoon University) ;
  • Kim Jong Sik (Department of Chemistry, Kwangwoon University) ;
  • Yoon In Jun (Department of Chemistry, Kwangwoon University) ;
  • Cha Geun Sig (Department of Chemistry, Kwangwoon University) ;
  • Nam Hakhyun (Department of Chemistry, Kwangwoon University)
  • Published : 2004.11.01


All array of carbon paste-based electrodes was prepared by screen printing the carbon paste modified with metal oxides $(TiO_2,\;RuO_2,\;PbO_2,\;Ni(OH)_2)$ and Prussian blue (PB). An electronic tongue system was assembled with the carbon-paste electrode array, and applied to discriminate the tastes of various commercial beverages and foods by measuring the chronoamperometric responses to the samples diluted in 0.1M carbonate buffer (pH 9.6). The results were analyzed with principal component analysis(PCA) method and plotted on two dimensional PCA coordinate; it was apparent that the amperometric electronic tongue system could discriminate the types of various foods and beverages.


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