Determining the Dynamic Sequence of Carbonyl Groups in a Rod-Coil Liquid Crystalline Oligomer Using Two-Dimensional Raman Correlation Spectroscopy

액정올리고머에 있는 카보닐그룹들의 동적순서에 대한 2차원 라만상관분광법 연구

  • Published : 2004.06.20


We investigated the order of local movement of functional groups (-C(=O)O) in a liquid crystalline (LC) oligomer (12-4) using 2D Raman correlation spectroscopy. The results suggest that the free carbonyl near the ethyl terminal group moved first, followed by the hydrogen-bonded group. The free carbonyl group between the biphenyl groups rarely moved. Interestingly, 2D sample-to-sample correlation spectroscopy (2D STSCS) revealed that some of the carbonyl modes started to move at far below (50$^{\circ}C$) the LC temperature (135$^{\circ}C$), countering conventional beliefs.


2D Raman Correlation Spectroscopy;Liquid Crystalline Oligomer;Dynamics;Carbonyl Group


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