Synthesis of trans, trans-4-(2-Fluoro-3-isothiocyanato-4-propylphenyl)-4-alkylbicyclohexyl for Liquid Crystal Display

액정 디스플레이를 위한 트랜스, 트랜스-4-(2-플르로로-3-아이소싸이오싸이아네이토-4-프로필페닐)-4'-알킬바이싸이클로헥실의 합성

  • Published : 2004.10.20


We designed and synthesized compounds which have negative dielectric anisotropy (N type) for VA-LCD mode. Due to the large dipole moments toward the minor axis of molecule and anisotropy of polarizability, they can be used as N type LC. F atom and NCS group and propyl group were introduced as substituents on bicyclohexylbenzene core unit and alkyl chains (propyl~heptyl) were introduced on terminal part. All of the synthesized compounds showed negative dielectric anisotropy as expected.


Negative Dielectric Anisotropy;VA Mode;LCD;Liquid Crystal


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