The Review on the Prostate Disease-related Studies with Acupuncture Therapy in PubMed

PubMed 검색(檢索)을 이용한 전립선(前立腺) 질환(疾患)의 침치료(鍼治療)관련 연구(硏究)에 대한 고찰(考察)

  • Song, Ho-Sueb (Department of Acupuncture & Moxibustion, College of Oriental Medicine, Kyung Won University)
  • 송호섭 (경원대학교 한의과대학 침구학교실)
  • Published : 2004.06.25


Objective : This study was to review on the prostate disease-related studies with Acupuncture therapy in renowned medical internet site of PubMed, and to make master plan of the study, especially, on Bee Venom Acupuncture(BVA) of Prostate disease and then to devise the idealistic therapeutic ways of it. Method : We made the internet search with the key words of bee venom(bee venom therapy, apitoxin, apitherapy, bee sting, bee sting therapy), acupuncture, prostate, prostatitis, prostrate cancer in Pubmed, from June 1st to July 1st,2004. Results : 1.25 papers were found in 19 publised jounals. of which two named'Urology'and Prostate' had three papars, two called 'JUrology' and 'Cancer Immunol Immunother' had two papers, and the others had a paper respectively. 2. In the classification by papers' types, Review papers were 8 and Original were 17 where there were 5 clinical trials, 11 experimental studies and 1 epidemiologic paper. Of 5 clinical trials, 2 belonged to Randomized Control Study, and of 11 experimental studies, 4 belonged to in vitro and 7 belonged to in vivo with in viro studies, and 1 epidemeologic belonged to meta-analysis. 3. In the classification by prostate diseases, 4 were about prostatitis, 3 were about prostate related symptoms, 16 were about prostate cancer, and two were about the others. 4. In the classification by applied treatment methods, 5 were related with Acupuncture, 10 were related with BVA(Bee Venom, Bee), and 10 were related with the others. Of 5 related with Acupuncture, 3 used general acupuncture, 1 used electrical acupuncture, and 1 used general acupuncture and electrical acupuncture at the same time. 5. In 2 RCTs of Clinical trials, Control group was set up to the group using different compatible treatment method or using meridians not related with treating prostate disease. Single or double blind methods couldn't be found. 6. In the clinical trials, IPSS, NIH, CPSI or subjective global assessment were used as the Index of Evaluation. 7. The Leg Greater Yang Bladder Meridian(B), The Leg Lesser Um Kidney Meridian(K) and Conception Vessel Meridian(CV) were used as major meridians, and B10(Taejo, Dazhu), B23(Shinsu, Shenshu), B28(Panggwangsu, Pangguangshu), B35(Hoeyang, Huiyang), B39(Wiyang, Weiyang), B40(Wijung, Weizhong), B54(chilbyon, Zhibian), K1(Yongchon, Yongquan), K10(Umgok, Yingu), CV3(Chungguk, Zhongji), CV4(Kwanwon, Guanyuan),S6(Hyopko, Jiache) were used as acupoints. Electrical acupuncture(EA) was considered to be more important and CV3(Chungguk, Zhongji), CV4(Kwanwon, Guanyuan) were mainly selected as EA applied acupoints. 8. It is mostly said that Acupuncture appeared to be a safe, effective, and durable treatment alternative in improving symptoms of patients with prostate diseases, refractory to conventional medicine. A larger controlled study was required to confirm these encouraging initial results. Conclusion : Papers about BVA of Prostate cancer or Prostatitis were not found, and low permeability of Prostate is concerned, BVA with the anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer effect can be adopted as a new alternatives of Prostate disease treatment, so it is thought that Study of how to make access to prostate, animal experiment including in vivo and in vitro and more clinical trials with using acupoints on related meridian should be followed.



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