Antigenicity Changes of Ovomucoid and Ovalbumin in Chicken Egg White by NaOH, Heat and Protease Tratments

NaOH, 열, 및 효소 처리에 의한 계란 난백 중 ovomucoid와 ovalbumin의 항원성 변화

  • Published : 2004.02.28


Antigenicities of ovomucoid (OM) and ovalbumin (OA) in chicken egg white (EW) before and after NaOH, heat, and pretense treatments were examined by competitive indirect enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ciELISA), using rabbit anti-OM and-OA antibodies, Enzymatic hydrolysis of EW did not effectively reduce antigenicity of OM, whereas that of OA was decreased to 1/5,000-1/100,000 by treatment of plant-derived or microbial pretenses. Heat treatment below $100^{\circ}C$ for 30min did not decrease antigenicity of OM, whereas that of OA in heated EW increased maximally to 100 times, Antigenicity of OM in EW effectively decreased by NaOH treatment, disappearing at over 1% NaOH, whereas that of OA increased. Additional heat treatment of NaOH-treated EW at $70^{\circ}C$ for 15min slightly reduced antigenicities of OM and OA.




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