Radioactivity in foodstuffs was surveyed for reference in amending regulation on the maximum permitted levels of radioactive contamination of foodstuffs. Most domestic and imported (?) foodstuffs were sampled, some domestic items collected around nuclear power plants to compare site-specific contamination. The collected samples were dried and ashed. Radioactivity in foodstuffs was measured using HPGe gamma spectrometer, Cs-137 activity ranged from 0.025-0.053, 0.045-0.500, 0.062-0.105, 0.025-1.151, 0.021-0.145 and 0.046-0.155 Bq/kg-fresh in cereals, pulses, mot vegetables (potato), ginsengs, meat, and marine products, respectively, with imported dried ginseng showing the highest radioactivity, Results reveal radioactivity in foodstuffs collected in 2002 is far below the maximum permitted levels of 370 Bq/kg. No significant differences were observed in radioactivity among sampling sites and between domestic and imported foodstuffs.


radioactivity in foodstuffs;Cs-137;agricultural and marine products


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