A Study on the Synthesis of Eugenolchitosan and Safrolechitosan

Eugenol과 safrole을 부가한 chitosan 유도체 합성

  • Published : 2004.06.30


Safrolechitosan (SaCs) and eugenolchitosan (EuCs) were synthesized and characterized to increase water solubility and functionality of chitosan. Product impurities were removed by Soxhlet apparatus using methanol to obtain final product with high purity. Using Ubbelohde viscometer, molecular weights of chitosan, EuCs, and SaCs were determined as $1.2{\times}10^{5}\;Da,\;7.8{\times}10^{5},\;and\;7.5{\times}10^{5}\;Da,\;respectively$. IR spectrum of SaCs revealed chemical shift of amide II band ($1,553cm^{-1}$) of chitosan grafted by safrole caused by generation of covalent bond between primary amino of chitosan and double bond of safrole. Due to graft reaction of safrole onto chitosan, vinyl bands ($1,611\;and\;1,442cm^{-1}$) of safrole disappeared. In graft reaction of eugenol onto chitosan, shift of amide II band ($1,553cm^{-1}$) and disappearance of vinyl band were observed. On $^{1}H-NMR$ spectrum of EuCs, $H_{2}C=CH-$ peak in eugenol (monomer) disappeared, whereas $-H_{2}C-CH_{2}-$ peak appeared. Above results indicate safrole and eugenol were successfully grafted onto chitosan.


safrolechitosan (SaCs);eugenolchitosan (EuCs);chitosan;IR;NMR


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