Effect of Pretreatment Conditions on ${\gamma}-Aminobutyric$ Acid Content of Brown Rice and Germinated Brown Rice

전처리 조건이 현미 및 발아현미의 ${\gamma}-aminobutyric$ acid 함량에 미치는 영향

  • Published : 2004.10.31


Effects of pretreatment conditions on ${\gamma}-aminobutyric$ acid (GABA) contents of brown rice and germinated brown rice were investigated. As steeping time increased, GABA contents of brown rices increased gradually. The highest GABA content, 3.33mg/100g, was found in brown rice steeped at $40^{\circ}C$ for 8 hr. GABA content of brown rice decreased significantly at pH 8 (p<0.05), but changed slightly at pH of steeping solution ranging 4-7. Steeping of brown rices in glutamate solution increased GABA contents. Brown rice steeped in glutamate solution at 200-300 ppm showed GABA content between $4.09{\pm}0.48-4.11{\pm}0,47mg/100g$, which was much higher than that of untreated brown rice. Anaerobic treatment of brown rices using $N_2$ gas increased GABA contents, ranging from $4,70{\pm}0.49\;to\;4.92{\pm}0.83mg/100g$. Germinated brown rice steeped in glutamate solution under anaerobic condition had GABA content of $5.92{\pm}0.72mg/100g$, two-fold higher than that of untreated brown rice, $3.05{\pm}0.67mg/100g$. Optimum pretreatment condition established in this study could significantly increase GABA content in germinated brown rice.


germinated brown rice;${\gamma}-aminobutyric$ acid;pretreatment


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