Quality Characteristics of Kimchi Prepared with Different Part of Chinese Cabbage and Its Quality Change by Freeze-drying

배추의 부위에 따른 김치의 품질특성과 동결건조에 의한 품질변화

  • Published : 2004.10.31


Acid production and growth of lactic acid bacteria, sensory properties, volatile odor components, and effects of freeze-drying on quality of kimchi prepared with whole, midlib, and leaves of Chinese cabbages ripened at $20^{\circ}C$ for 3 days were investigated. Salinities of whole, midlib, and leaf were 2.31, 2.03, and 2.68%, respectively, In kimchi pH of midlib was the lowest and that of leaf was the highest, while acidities of whole and midlib were higher than that of leaf. Numbers of lactic acid bacteria in whole and midlib were slightly higher than that of leaf. Overall acceptability, taste, and odor of kimchi and freeze-dlied/rehydrated kimchi prepared with whole or midlib were better than those of leaf. Volatile odor components such as ethanol and sulfur-containing components of kimchi prepared with whole or midlib were generally higher than those of kimchi prepared with leaf.


kimchi;Chinese cabbage;midlib;leaf


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