Robust Optimal Design of a Decoupled Vibratory Microgyroscope Considering Fabrication Influence

공정영향을 고려한 비연성 진동형 마이크로 자이로스코프의 강건 최적 설계

  • 정희문 (삼성종합기술원 전문연구원) ;
  • 하성규 (한양대학교 기계정보경영공학부)
  • Published : 2004.08.01


A robust optimal design considering fabrication influence has been performed for the decoupled vibratory microgyroscope fabricated by the bulk micromachining. For the analysis of the gyroscope, a design tool has been developed, by which user can perform the system level design considering electric signal process and the fabrication influence as well as mechanical characteristics. An initial design of the gyroscope is performed satisfying the performances of scale factor (or sensitivity) and phase delay, which depend on the frequency difference between driving and sensing resonant frequencies. The objective functions are formulated in order to reduce the variances of the frequency difference and the frequency in itself by fabrication error. To certify the results, the standard deviations are calculated through the Monte Caries Simulation (MCS) and compared initial deviation that is measured fabricated gyroscope chip.


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