Using an ABS Controller and Rear Wheel Controller for Stability Improvement of a Vehicle

ABS 제어 및 후륜조향 제어기를 이용한 차량 안정성 개선에 관한 연구

  • 송정훈 (인제대학교 기계자동차공학부 수송기계부품 기술혁신센터(TIC)) ;
  • 부광석 (인제대학교 기계자동차공학부, TIC) ;
  • 이종일 (인제대학교 대학원 기계공학과, TIC)
  • Published : 2004.08.01


This paper presents a mathematical model which is about the dynamics of not only a two wheel steering vehicle but a four wheel steering vehicle. A sliding mode ABS control strategy and PID rear wheel control logic are developed to improve the brake and cornering performances, and enhance the stability during emergency maneuvers. The performances of the controllers are evaluated under the various driving road conditions and driving situations. The numerical study shows that the proposed full car model is sufficient to accurately predict the vehicle response. The proposed ABS controller reduces the stopping distance and increases the vehicle stability. The results also prove that the ABS controller can be employed to a four wheel steering vehicle and improves its performance. The four wheel steering vehicle with PID rear wheel controller shows increase of stability when a vehicle speed is high and sharp cornering maneuver when a vehicle speed is low compared to that of a two wheel steer vehicle.


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