Micro Cell Counter Integrated with An Oxygen Micropump

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  • Published : 2004.08.01


This paper describes fabrication of a micro cell counter integrated with an oxygen micropump and counting experiment with Sephadex G-25 beads ($70{\sim}100\;{\mu}m$). The pumping part consisted of a microheater, catalyst (manganese dioxide) enveloped with paraffin, hydrogen peroxide, and microchannel, and the counting part consisted of collimated light, a microwindow, and a phototransistor including an external circuit. The micropump generated oxygen gas by decomposing hydrogen peroxide with manganese dioxide, which was initiated by melting the paraffin with the microheater, and pumped beads in the microchannel. When the beads passed the microwindow, they shaded the collimated light and changed the illumination on the phototransistor, which caused the current variation in the circuit. The signals, according to the bead size, reached up to 22 mV with noise level of 2 mV during 50 seconds and the numbers of peaks were analyzed by magnitude.


Micro Cell Counter;Oxygen Micropump;Microchannel;Sizing


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