A survey on characteristics of reproduction in Jeju Thoroughbred mares

제주지역 더러브렛 말의 번식특성 조사

  • Accepted : 2003.12.30
  • Published : 2004.03.31


A total of 301 Thoroughbred mares were investigated the characteristics of breeding in the local areas in Jeju during the period from February 2000 to July 2001. The pregnancy rate and foaling rate in 143 mares were 93.0%, 72.0%, respectively, and mean gestational length was 339.3 days in 2000. The pregnancy rate in 158 mares was 86.7% in 2001. Mature follicles were ovulated in right(46.0%), left(45.2%), and bilateral(7.8%) ovary. The incidence of multiple pregnancies in 158 mares between 15 days and 45 days after mating were 89.3%(single), 10.1%(twin), and 0.6%(triple). The incidence of EED was 13.3%. Also uterine cyst and fluid had an bad influence on mare's pregnancy. These results suggest that regular monitoring of the pregnancies and maintaining of good uterine condition improve the pregnancy rates and foaling rates during breeding season.


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