3D Finite Element Analysis of High Tension Bolted Joints

고장력 볼트 이음부의 3차원 유한요소 해석

  • Received : 2004.04.06
  • Accepted : 2004.07.26
  • Published : 2004.08.27


Bridges in common use are expected to have more varieties of load in their connected members and bolts than in construction. Faults in connection members or bolts occur so often according to the time flow. One of the purposes of this study is to find out the behavior and structural features of high-tension bolted joints with faults that are very difficult and cost much to find out through experimentation with finite element analysis. Another purpose of this study is to provide sufficient data, estimated experimental results, and the scheme of the test plate for an economical experimental study in the future. Surveys of bridges with a variety of faults and statistical classifications of their faults were performed, as was a finite element analysis of the internal stress and the sliding behavior of standard and defective bridge models. The finite element analysis of the internal stress was performed according to the interval of the bolt, the thickness of the plate, the distance of the edge, the diameter of the bolt, and the expansion of the construction. Furthermore, the analysis explained the sliding behavior of high-tension bolt joints and showed the geometric non-linear against the large deformation, and the boundary non-linear against the non-linear in the contact surface, including the material non-linear, to best explain the exceeding of the yield stress by sliding. A normally bolted high-tension bolt joint and deduction of bolt tension were also analyzed with the finite element analysis of bridge-sliding behavior.


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