Synthesis of Fullerene Oxide by Fullerene ($C_{70}$) and Various Amino N-Oxides under Ultrasonic Irradiation

초음파 조건에서 여러가지 아민 N-옥시드와 풀러렌($C_{70}$)를 이용한 풀러렌 산화물의 합성

  • Ko, Weon-Bae (Department of Chemistry, Sahmyook University) ;
  • Han, Ji-Yeon (Department of Chemistry, Sahmyook University) ;
  • Lim, Young-A (Department of Chemistry, Sahmyook University) ;
  • Shin, Won-Jic (Department of Chemistry, Sahmyook University) ;
  • Yu, Gu-Yong (Department of Chemistry, Sahmyook University)
  • Published : 2004.06.30


Fullerene oxides were synthesized by fullerene ($C_{70}$) and several amine N-oxides such as 3-picoline N-oxide, pyridine N-oxide hydrate, quinoline N-oxide, and isoquinoline N-oxide under ultrasonic condition at $25{\sim}43^{\circ}C$. The reactivity of fullerene ($C_{70}$) with various amine N-oxides undo, ultrasonic irradiation showed the same in all of the proceeding experiments; 3-picoline N-oxide : pyridine N-oxide hydrate : quinoline N-oxide : isoquinoline N-oxide. The MALDI-TOF MS, UV-vis spectrophotometer and HPLC analysis confirmed that the products of fullerene oxidation are [$C_{70}(O)n$] (n=1).


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