Zinc Surfactant Effects on Nr/Tespd/Silica and SBR/Tespd/Silica Compounds

  • Published : 2004.12.31


The effects of zinc surfactant (ZB) on the bis(triethoxysilylpropyl)disulfide (TESPD)-silica mixture in natural rubber (NR) and solution butadiene-co-styrene rubber(S-SBR) were compared with respect to their rheological property, processability, physical properties, and silica dispersion. In the NR compound, addition of the ZB increased the reversion resistance time (T-2), the tensile modulus, and the BO time; however, lowered the viscosity, the HBU, and tans values. In the S-SBR copound, addition of the ZB increased the $tan{\delta}$ values while lowered the T-2, the tensile modulus the BO time, the viscosity, and the HBU of the compound. In the NR compounds, addition of the ZB significantly increased the processability and mechanical property. However, in the S-SBR compounds, it improved the processability the mechanical property was not improved.


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