Synthesis of Fullerene Oxides [$C_{70}O_n$] ($n=1{\sim}3$ or n=1) under Microwave Irradiation

마이크로파 조건에서 풀러렌 산화물 [$C_{70}O_n$ ($n=1{\sim}3$ or n=1)의 합성

  • Ko, Weon-Bae (Department of Chemistry, Sahmyook University) ;
  • Ahn, Ju-Hyun (Department of Chemistry, Sahmyook University) ;
  • Lim, Young-A (Department of Chemistry, Sahmyook University) ;
  • Han, Ji-Yeon (Department of Chemistry, Sahmyook University) ;
  • Han, Dong-Sul (Department of Chemistry, Mokpo National University)
  • Published : 2004.12.31


Synthesis of fullerene oxides [$C_{70}O_n$] ($n=1{\sim}3$ or n=1) in solid state by fullerene [$C_{70}$] and several oxidants such as 3-chloroperoxy benzoic acid, chromium(VI) oxide, benzoyl peroxide, and trichloroisocyanuric acid was taken place under microwave irradiation. The reactivity in solid state oi fullerene [$C_{70}$] with various oxidants under same microwave condition increased in the order of 3-chloroperoxy benzoic acid > chromium(VI) oxide > trichloroisocyanuric acid ${\simeq}benzoyl$ peroxide. The MALDI-TOF-MS, UV-visible spectra and HPLC analysis confirmed that the products of fullerene oxidation were [$C_{70}O_n$] ($n=1{\sim}3$ or n=1).


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