Linear interrogation of fiber Bragg grating sensor array using time-delayed quadrature sampling technique

시간지연 샘플링을 이용한 광섬유 격자 센서어레이의 선형 복조

  • 김종섭 (전북대학교 전자정보공학부) ;
  • 송민호 (전북대학교 전자정보공학부)
  • Published : 2004.02.01


A fiber laser of which wavelength was scanned by an intra-cavity FP (Fabry-Perot) filter was used to interrogate a fiber Bragg grating strain sensor array. We calculated the wavelength variation of the fiber laser using quadrature signal processing with an unbalanced M/Z (Mach-Zehnder) interferometer and time-delayed sampling technique. The calculated wavelengths are mapped to corresponding temporal reflection peaks from the sensor array, which enables more accurate and stable interrogation without the problems caused by the FP filter's nonlinear characteristics. Wavelength resolution of ∼20 pm was obtained in our experimental setup, which could have been greatly enhanced with faster phase modulation.


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